Notre Histoire

Savannah Clayton

Savannah Clayton is the owner behind Black Creek Botanicals, operating as herbalist, gardener, forager, seamstress, designer, alchemist, potions-mistress, and visionary. 

In her personal life and her business, Savannah strives to make her environmental impact minimal-to-positive, which includes formulating with truly all-natural and sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients, choosing durable, re-usable, plastic-free bottles and jars for her skincare line, sourcing ingredients locally, composting, shipping orders with 100% reused boxes and packing materials, and committing to keeping an open mind and a willingness to evolve sustainable practices.


A bit about my journey...

As a Gemini (Taurus Moon & Scorpio Rising), I find myself to be an eager and avid lifelong learner and maker. I am endlessly curious about how things are made, where things come from, and the old ways of doing things. I grew up in the wild woods of Northern Michigan (more specifically the U.P.—if you know, you know). Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I developed a deep, rich connection with the natural world… my imagination running rampant as I trail-blazed, explored, and observed. My childhood was blessedly filled with this rich, wild natural world, and also the arts: I studied ballet and music formally for several years, and dabbled in drawing, writing, painting…

After graduating college with a degree in Flute Performance, I was deeply drawn to holistic health and herbalism—seeking to heal my own imbalances and health challenges. I remember sitting in my first herbalism workshop - the wonderful annual Herbstalk conference in Somerville MA). I felt such a deep resonance, belonging, and homecoming that it brought tears to my eyes. I was thrilled to discover that many of the medicinal plants I was learning about were in fact very old friends that I knew and remembered from my childhood. I don’t think this is a unique experience. Humans were living in close relationship with the natural world up until very recently: for food, medicine, dyeing cloth, weaving and spinning and building… it’s no surprise that returning to these old ways of knowing and being evokes a sense of homecoming, a remembering.

This business has moved through several incarnations, and probably will continue to do so. It is a true pleasure and joy to be able to combine all of my diverse passions, hobbies, interests, and creative outlets into this one entity: Black Creek Botanicals.

Currently I live and work in Rosans, a small medieval hilltop village in the South of France, with the love of my life, Scott, and our three cats.