Agrimony Mouse - Animal Spirit Guardian

Agrimony Mouse - Animal Spirit Guardian

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Handmade one of a kind animal spirit guardian, intended to spark imagination and inspire a deeper interconnectedness with the Earth. 

This guardian is stuffed with a tiny bit of agrimony, and old world plant of Europe that I feel has been forgotten in our modern herbiary. I was thrilled to discover it growing abundantly this summer in the forage fields all throughout this region. I added agrimony with the intention to ease one who may have trouble allowing themself to feel and express their emotions, the ones who always put on a happy face for others when they may be experiencing an inner whirlwind of emotion. One example could be a child experiencing difficulty when their parents are separating/divorcing.

*This teaching of agrimony comes from Matthew Wood and Dr. Edward Bach.

Made with:

  • blue 100% oeko-tex linen scraps
  • stuffed with kapok fiber (the head, natural undyed & unbleached) and buckwheat hulls (body) 
  • cotton embroidery thread
  • sewn together with cotton sewing thread
  • the herbs included are organic or wild-harvested with deepest respect, and added in the head of the guardian in small amounts, not for aromatherapy but for energetic & plant-spirit vibrational love

As far as washing goes, I would first try to spot-clean with a natural soap like Marseille soap, and air dry. If that doesn't do the trick, the other option I imagine is a hand wash in cold water with a natural detergent, and air dry. The herbs are contained in the head of the guardian, so ideally the head would remain dry. The clothing can be washed in the machine. Please use your best judgement and wisdom when it comes to washing, and know that the guardian may be altered slightly after a wash! 

If you are interested in ordering a custom Animal Spirit Guardian, you can do that here!

These animal spirit guardians were inspired by the beautiful patterns by Bon Creations.