Spirit of the Mountain -  herbal body oil

Spirit of the Mountain - herbal body oil

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ingredients: wild sweet woodruff infused into local organic olive oil

Sweet woodruff has an enchanting aroma, like vanilla and sweet hay and spice all rolled up into one. If you’re familiar with the smell of sweetgrass or tonka bean, it’s quite similar as they all share the same aromatic constituent: coumarin. This oil was inspired by a springtime alpine hike where I found fragrant sweet woodruff growing beneath the budding tamarack, alongside a crystal clear mountain stream. I’ve never felt so much peace, clarity, and exhilaration than in those moments, cresting the peak and discovering a whole unexpected enchanting world on the other side.

This oil captured its aroma perfectly, and is intended to bring forth the medicine and wisdom of the mountain. Massage into the skin when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, anxious or any time your heartspace feels closed. Breathe in deeply and call on the quiet peace & clarity of perspective of the mountain. I would also use this oil as a subtle perfume, applied to wrists, the inner crease of the elbow, and behind the ear.