Seasonal Care - Solstice & Equinox Subscription Box

Seasonal Care - Solstice & Equinox Subscription Box

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Care Packages created to bring you into deeper alignment with the rhythms, cycles, and energies of the seasons.

Each season has wisdom and medicine to offer us - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It's easy to fall out of sync with Earth's natural rhythms in this Modern Age we live in, where special or seasonal foods are always abundantly available, work and routines are often mono-chromatic, and we're forced or encouraged to spend more and more time indoors or on screens. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the state of things, and maybe even easier to get overwhelmed by not knowing where to begin on the path to change.

I find that reconnecting (deeper and deeper, again and again) with the seasons is a simple place to begin. What slight changes can we make in our lives, reflecting the energy of the current season? How can we shift our routines, the food we eat, the plants we welcome into our homes. The more deeply and fully I embrace each season, the more I value and look forward to each one, and the less I experience seasonal depression.

When creating these boxes, I gather inspiration from the seasons and the plants and the land around me, and let myself be guided from there. Here are some things that have been included in previous boxes: herbal & culinary preparations made from wild gathered plants, home goods, exclusive herbal skincare, handmade textiles, French vintage treasures... and more! Each box is filled with intentionally curated and created "medicine" to support your mind, body, and spirit for the season ahead. I use the word medicine with one of my favorite mantras in mind, from herbalist and writer Asia Suler: “Everything is medicine and so are you.” I love reclaiming & broadening the use of the word in this spirit; a cup of tea can be medicinal physically but also the ritual of drinking tea can calm the mind & soothe the nerves. Is this not also medicine? What about receiving a box filled with mindfully (heartfully) curated and created goods, intended to bring you joy, balance, and support for the season ahead? Medicine can be fun.

Each box will also include a newsletter, with musings inspired by the season or reflections on current energies and events, details on the contents of your box, which may include recipes, how to make your own, and suggested use and rituals, and more. 

The 2021 Winter Solstice Box will include

  • Deep Dreaming herbal infused oil, for skincare & ritual use with wild-gathered artemisias and other magical plants
  • Sacred Smoke hand-rolled incense cones made with wild foraged plants and resins
  • Winter by the Woodstove Tea, a smoked chai tea blend
  • the Winter Solstice Newsletter, with seasonal musings and inspiration to guide you through the season ahead

    Subscription Options

    ONE BOX:

    • receive the latest care package: the Winter Solstice Box
    • note: consider this a pre-order! Purchase now to reserve your spot. Boxes will begin shipping as we approach the winter solstice


    • You will receive 4 care packages:
      • Winter Solstice 2021
      • Spring Equinox 2022
      • Summer Solstice 2022
      • Autumn Equinox 2022
    • Annual subscribers receive a special 20% off discount code for everything in the online shop, valid for the whole year of 2022
    • The cost of shipping for the Winter Solstice Box will be charged when you check out for the annual subscription. For the following boxes, an invoice will be emailed to you 1 week before the shipment of each box. (To give you an idea, the minimum cost to anticipate for shipping worldwide is €6.80 and the maximum cost for shipping worldwide is €25.90, which depends on location and weight of the package. Expect to pay somewhere between the two.)
    • Note for folks who have received care packages in the past: there may be some repeat items... and there may not be! I gather inspiration from the seasons and the plants and the land around me, and let myself be guided from there. 


    This year I am adding the option to purchase only the newsletter. These newsletters are written to accompany the seasonal care packages, with musings and inspiration to guide you through the season ahead. They will contain some details about the contents of the care package, but the bulk of the newsletter can stand alone. Printed on recycled paper using my bulk ink tank home printer, and mailed to you through the poste. Choose between:

    • Newsletter Only - Annual 
      You will receive 4 newsletters (see annual subscription below for details). Price includes postage worldwide.
    • Winter Solstice Newsletter 
      You will receive the Winter Solstice Newsletter. Price includes postage worldwide.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!