Product Highlight: Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a magical facial crème for regenerating, softening, and restoring depleted skin. Formulated to use as a day or night crème, or to apply as a nourishing, protective barrier while experiencing dry, windy, or cold climates.

This crème is a serious miracle worker! It’s been my best-selling product from the start, for good reason! I originally formulated it for myself (to be the most magical wonderful facial creme ever—my skin needed serious nourishing) and packed it with the most healing, magical ingredients I could imagine. Face Potion has gotten an upgrade since I’ve moved to France, reflecting the highest quality ingredients that are sourced locally here in the wilds of Provence and the southern French Alps. Ambrosia is a healing balm, deeply nourishing the skin and spirit.

all the magic from the bees

This is what really makes this crème so powerful and healing.

local raw chestnut honey - a rich, dark honey that is especially high in antimicrobial and antioxidant constituents, like manuka honey. In general, honey is one of my favorite ingredients for the skin! It’s a humectant, meaning it helps hydrate the skin with water-based moisture, drawing it deeply into the pores. The antimicrobial properties are excellent for cleansing, and also help to treat breakouts. We often overlook things that are so gentle, common, and simple, but I’ve turned to honey first to use for wound care for minor and major scrapes, cuts, burns, bites, stings, and rashes. Finally, honey (and really all things that bees produce) is nothing short of a magical, alchemical miracle. The nectar of flowers, song of the bee, and light of the sun transformed into something delicious, beautiful, solid, and healing. Thank you, bee sisters.

beeswax - I use vibrant, aromatic beeswax from local beekeepers

local propolis extract - propolis is an aromatic and sticky resin-like substance that bees make to seal the hive and protect it from infection. It’s made from aromatic tree sap and beeswax, and is a very common remedy here in France. Folks chew on propolis or take the extract for immune support. Topically, it is highly anti-microbial.

local royal jelly - this is a precious substance, and is produced to feed the Queen of the Hive. It is all she eats, and a diet of solely royal jelly is the only difference between a worker bee and a Queen, giving her a significantly longer lifespan—years rather than weeks. Topically, it is an incredibly potent wound-healer. I believe royal jelly to be powerfully healing to any environmental stressors to the skin, and also to have a “fountain of youth” effect, or rather more desirably a “fountain of naturally glorious aging” effect.

calendula co2 extract - This is a thick, semi-solid CO2 extract. The consistency is like very very cold honey, or even butter. In the jar it looks dark, almost a burnt amber brown, but a small dab rubbed on the skin is the most vibrant bright yellow-orange, just like calendula blossoms. If you’re familiar with calendula, it has a very particular smell. It’s not aromatic like lavender or rose, it has a subtle earthy-sweet aroma, and this CO2 extract embodies that. I feel like it’s important, and reveals how this extract captures the true spirit and maintains the integrity of the healing spirit of the plant. Calendula is my favorite vulnerary (wound-healing) herb. It encourages skin-cell regeneration, it’s anti-microbial, emollient (skin-softening), and it’s another one of those gentle-but-powerful healers. Calendula embodies everything I want this creme to be, and I’m so excited I found the perfect way to include it.

suggested use

Apply to the skin of the face and neck after cleansing, toning, and applying serum. Ambrosia can be applied morning, noon, and/or night, depending on your skin and the cycles of life & seasons you’re currently moving through. Only a small amount is needed. Dip a clean finger into the pot, and massage thoroughly into the skin.

beyond facial moisturizing…

Ambrosia is a special and powerfully healing product, which makes it a potent addition to your herbal medicine chest! When the skin of my hands, elbows or knees are chapped, cracked, or dry, I’ll apply some Ambrosia, working it generously into the skin. Because it is so packed with powerfully healing ingredients, I will also dab it on as a spot treatment for blemishes. I’ve used it for healing scars, soothing skin rashes, applying into the nostrils when they are extremely dry, to chapped lips, to moisturize after a bad sunburn, and even on bug bites. The gifts of the herbs and bees make this a true miracle crème!

note: I add two drops of local, organic lavender essential oil to each jar of Ambrosia. My face is often sensitive to essential oils, but this does not irritate it (or else I wouldn’t do it!). Lavender essential oil is calming, and one of my favorite plants in the world—it was the first plant I really connected with as a child. I’ve been adding a very small amount of a well-made, organic lavender essential oil to this crème for years, and none of my customers have ever reported a negative response.

INGREDIENTS: olive oil infused with lavender, comfrey & nettle, lavender and rose hydrosol, aloe vera gel, beeswax, shea butter, chestnut honey, royal jelly, radish root ferment filtrate, vitamin e oil, rosemary co2, calendula co2, lavender essential oil & propolis extract


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