Fresh Nettle Pasta

We made nettle pasta last night! We’ve been playing around with making our own pastas and it’s really quite simple (but kind of time consuming). Most recipes just require flour, water and sometimes egg. You don’t need any special tools except a rolling pin, and for gnocchi you don’t even need that! See the process in the photos above.

This pasta didn’t really taste any different from other handmade fresh pastas we’ve made (aka delicious) but it was so fun to harvest these fresh nettles and make a delicious pasta dinner.

I feel so happy and lucky to have access to a wonderful nettle patch! Nettles are a rich source of many nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, chlorophyll, protein, and phosphorus. They are detoxifying, deeply nourishing, energizing, and supportive of many of the body’s natural processes. One of my favorite adages for the herbal practitioner is: “When in doubt, give nettles,” said by David Hoffman, meaning that any ailment will certainly only benefit from taking nettles! Before I had access to fresh nettles, I would prepare a tea with the dried leaves. It’s one of my favorite go-to morning infusions.

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