Product Highlight: Hearth Fire

This is a very special oil infused with the mystical, locally grown plants of bay laurel, saffron, and immortelle, and combined with fragrant, rich essential oils. The hearth fire represents the ordinary yet sacred temple of the home. Of primal needs being met, and more; it is a source of light and warmth, a place of gathering, sharing, eating, of creative fire, abundance, sensuality in all senses of the word… the hearth fire was tended and maintained continuously and reverently in cold climates from Samhain to Imbolc, the cold, dark months.

I named this special oil Hearth Fire because it is my belief that our bodies want and need to be tended as carefully and reverently as the important hearth fires of our homes. Anointing the body with fragrant oil is an act of sweet, mindful care, respect, and a splash of necessary indulgence. May the spirit of these precious plants infused in this oil nourish the hearth fire of your body, your sacred vessel that carries you everywhere in life.

suggested use

Always begin with one pump of oil, warmed in the palm of your hand. I like to work up my body, before or after a shower or bath. Starting with one foot, and working the oil into the skin, moving up the leg, repeating for the other leg… continue working up the body, warming pump by pump of oil in your hand as needed. Massage the oil into the skin until it is absorbed. If you like, you can apply when your body is still damp to help it spread, or add a spritz or two of hydrosol as suggested with the Golden Hour serum.

When I need extreme moisturizing, I’ll add a pump of Hearth Fire or another handmade herbal body oil to a pump of body lotion, then add some aloe vera and spritzes of hydrosol. I mix this all in my palms, and apply to the body. It is an incredibly rich and indulgent treat for the skin.

olive oil infused with saffron, immortelle & bay laurel, vitamin e oil, rosemary co2, propolis extract, and essential oils of clove, bay laurel & oakmoss

please note: this oil does contain a higher, aromatherapeutic amount of essential oil, which can be irritating for some folks. Please use caution and wisdom when pregnant and breastfeeding, and for young children. Do not ingest this oil, as essential oils are never meant to be consumed, and do not apply directly to mucous membranes like the eyes, mouth, or other orifices.


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