Product Highlight: Loam

Loam is a soap-free, lightly exfoliating daily facial cleanser and masque treatment. I’ve been using some variation of Loam as my facial cleanser for several years, and my skin couldn’t be happier! Soap cleansers can be extremely harsh on the skin, stripping our precious natural oils away. While I don’t know for certain, I have a strong suspicion that skin imbalances come from a lack of topical and internal nourishment, especially including plenty of oil and water moisture, and a rich “diet” (application) of nutrients. I had skin issues for years, and was frustrated when they continued even after I cleaned up my diet! However, I was approaching my skincare with the eyes of strong treatments (even natural ones). The mentality alone was doing a number on me! Once I started approaching my skincare and self-care with the goal to pamper, feed, nourish, and soothe, my skin responded immediately and I haven’t turned back!

All of this to say, I formulated this cleanser to be extremely balanced: the green clay has a drawing action, pulling blockages from the pores. The ground oats are soothing, softening, and provide important nutrients for the skin. And the herbs offer antimicrobial action through their sweet aromatic volatile oils, and the grounding-renewal energy brought by roots and seeds.

suggested use

This masque can be used many ways!

daily cleanser

I keep a bottle next to my shower or bath (just make sure the contents don’t get wet!). Simply sprinkle a coin-sized amount into the palm of your hand, wet with a few drips of water, and combine with your finger to make a spreadable paste. Apply using very gentle circular motions to the skin of the face and neck. I don’t recommend too much exfoliating for the skin, it isn’t necessary. While these ingredients are gentle unlike something harshly abrasive like apricot kernels, I still don’t recommend scrubbing too much. Apply with a light touch or press into the face. Always use this feather-light touch around the skin of the eyes, and anywhere it feels sensitive. About once a week, I will do a more thorough exfoliation, but still keep it relatively gentle!

masque treatment

Add a teaspoon of Loam to a small bowl or teacup. Add some sort of healing, natural liquid (see ideas below), and optionally some serum or other oil, and mix until you reach your desired consistency. Paint onto the skin of the face and neck using a brush or light fingertips, and relax for 10-20 minutes as it works its magic. Rinse well, and follow immediately with a spritz of toner or hydrosol, serum, and crème.

liquids: hydrosol or natural floral water, freshly brewed herbal tea like chamomile, lavender, rose, basil, etc., witch hazel, aloe vera gel, honey, etc…

oils: for the most deluxe masque ever, add some of the Golden Hour serum in. You can also just use a small splash of olive oil, or other oil you use on your skin

beyond just a cleanser…

Many clays are known for their powerful drawing action, and are often used in a variety of first-aid applications. Loam would be an excellent poultice applied to bites, stings, minor cuts and scrapes, and rashes. It also (unsurprisingly) makes a good spot treatment, especially for pustule-like blemishes or stubborn blackheads. My final favorite use for this outside of a facial cleanser is an armpit wash! I don’t use soap on my body regularly for the reasons listed above. I find it harsh and unnecessary, and just wash with water instead. Sometimes, if I’m extra stinky, I’ll apply the leftovers of the Loam I’ve used on my face to my armpits, let it sit for a few minutes as I’m showering, and then rinse.

ingredients: green clay, oats, fennel, lemon balm, marsh mallow root, burdock root, calendula, anise seed, thyme, lavender & chamomile


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