Hydrosols - alchemical waters

Hydrosols - alchemical waters

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Distilled with spring water from organically grown and/or ethically wildcrafted plants in the south of France in a copper alembic still (powered with solar-heated spring water and a wood fire) by artisan-farmers in the village of Rosans. 

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Hydrosols are the result of the alchemical process of distillation, which captures and condenses the aromatic waters within a plant. While essential oils can be harsh on the skin, especially when applied undiluted, hydrosols are gentle, safe, and beneficial to apply to the most sensitive of skin (including children and babies!).Hydrosols are a key element of my skincare preparations and routine. See below for more information, and suggested uses.

I am now offering the following blends. Please note that all will work wonderfully for all skin types and skincare preparations, the suggested uses are just to indicate my intentions for the blend, as well as the particular affinities of the herbs included.

morning dew -
lavender, rose, basil
for all skin types, balancing

wellspring -
lemon verbena, queen anne's lace, meadowsweet
for breakout-prone skin 

fountain of youth -
rose, cornflower, chamomile, helichrysum
for sensitive skin

rose immortelle -
rosa canina and helichrysum italicum
for mature skin

wild lavender -
wild lavender
for all skin types, first aid, skincare preparations, etc

suggested use: hydrosols are an indispensable part of the skincare routine and the home apothecary! They can be used as a quick pH-balancing morning cleanser, to tone the skin after cleansing, to boost hydration when added to a cream or serum, as a base for facial masques, to soothe irritated skin, as an energetic reset, on sunburns, to cool off in hot weather, to wet clay poultices.... (just to name a few)