Golden Hour - illuminating serum

A vibrant oil-based serum, golden like the light of the sun, infused with skin-healing and softening herbs. This formula is essential oil free, and its sweet aroma comes from the whole plants infused into the oil, and the natural fragrance of the plant oils themselves.

You can use this as a daily moisturizer in combination with a toner/hydrosol, or as a softening, illuminating, pre-moisturizing treatment to deliver nourishing & important nutrients to the skin. While I don’t personally practice oil cleansing for the face, many customers have used my serums for oil cleansing.

I start by infusing vibrant herbs into a locally grown + pressed olive oil. This potent oil is then strained out, and I add some very special fatty CO2 extracts. I call them “fatty” because they resemble the nourishing fatty oils like olive oil, avocado oil, etc. These CO2 extracts are not essential oils, and are an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible method of making fatty oils. The result is of a much higher quality than “cold-pressed” oils, with significantly higher levels of nutrients extracted, and with a longer shelf life. I work with an excellent European-based company who make the highest quality CO2 extracts and oils I have ever used! I’m so excited to share them with you all.

rosehip seed co2

A gorgeous, slightly red-orange oil. I’ve never experienced it before, but this rosehip seed oil has a subtle floral aroma. Rosehip seed CO2 is high in Vitamins E and A, promotes cell regeneration, efficiently healing scars, encourages skin elasticity, and helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, keeping the skin supple and hydrated.

sea buckthorn pulp and seed co2

These are two separate CO2 extracts that I combine and add into this serum. Sea buckthorn pulp is extremely rich in the rare palmitic & palmitoleic acids, which are natural skin lipids. This makes it especially well-suited to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. Sea buckthorn CO2 extract is another excellent healing skin oil, promoting cell regeneration and the healing of wounds, scars and damaged skin, is excellent for burns, is specified for pre-and post- sun exposure, helping to prevent premature aging of skin due to environmental stressors. It’s high in Vitamins E, A, and C, and rich in minerals. Combined, these two co2 extracts are an extremely vibrant reddish-orange liquid, capturing the magnificence of the sunshine they soak up all summer long.

suggested use

To use as a moisturizer, add one pump of this oil to the palm of your hand along with a few spritzes of hydrosol or natural floral water. Combine in your hands, and apply after cleansing & toning to a damp face and neck, massaging thoroughly into the skin.

To use as a pre-moisturizing treatment, apply after cleansing and toning. Work 1 full pump (or less) into the skin of the face and neck, massaging until the oil is absorbed into the skin. Follow with your usual moisturizer (I recommend this one!)

beyond serum…

As it is packed with extremely powerful (yet gentle) healing herbs and extracts, this serum makes an excellent addition to your herbal medicine chest. Use it to soothe minor burns, to aid in the scar-healing phases of wounds, and as a spot treatment for blemishes.

INGREDIENTS: olive oil infused with chamomile, comfrey, immortelle + yarrow, rosehip seed co2, sea buckthorn fruit + seed co2, rosemary co2, vitamin e oil, st. john’s wort tincture, propolis extract & calendula co2


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