Our Products

In the interim between the first incarnation of this business and moving internationally to France, I was really able to reflect and realign with my deepest values, and begin to intentionally create every facet of this business in alignment with them. These values broadly include: environmental sustainability, conscious consumerism, awareness of cultural appropriation, truly all-natural & safe ingredients of the highest quality, and local, ethical, responsible, and respectful sourcing. While I have spent a lot of time figuring out how to implement the most sustainable ways of creating and operating, there is so much room for improvement, and I look forward to sharing that process with you as I go.

Handmade herbal skincare

Made with ingredients grown and foraged in the wilds of Provence & the southern French Alps. Holistically formulated to nourish skin + spirit, using wisdom from my background in herbalism, and prepared by hand with love in small batches using traditional methods. Black Creek Botanicals skincare potions are intended to honor the medicinal potency of common European plants, encourage a consistent ritual of self-nurturing, and inspire a deep love for the natural world. All ingredients are from trusted organic, pesticide-free, biodynamic, local, and/or respectfully wild-gathered sources. Nearly every ingredient is sourced within Europe, and most even closer.

100% European Linen home goods & garments

Linen is a fiber that comes from the flax plant. Flax (when grown in appropriate climates) requires very little attention. It grows well in poor soil, doesn't need pesticides, and often doesn't even need supplemental water. The entire part of the plant can be used: for fiber, paper, livestock feed, human food (oil and seeds), mulch, and much more! The fabric is 100% biodegradable. Farmers use it as a cover crop, as it enriches the soil it grows in. The fabric is super absorbant, and requires less dye than other fibers like cotton. For all of these reasons, and because it is such a long-lasting, durable fiber, linen is quite ecologically friendly!

Linen garments are breathable, hypo-allergenic, naturally moth-repellent, and thermo-regulating, meaning they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen wears in beautifully with age and regular use, and 100% linen garments break in to mold to your body's unique shape. Finally, linen is easy to mend, meaning a linen garment could last a lifetime (or more!) before returning to decompose in the soil.