Marmalade Musings: On waste, and using the whole to practice respect for all beings

We’ve had access to amazing organic citrus all winter here from Spain & Italy. When I read that bitter oranges are typically used for making marmalade I was excited to try it out! It was a pretty labor-intensive process but breathing in the bright, citrusy aroma was medicine for the spirit. I was fascinated and very pleased to discover that you can use the seeds and membranes to make pectin!! (Packaged pectin is often called for in jam & jelly recipes to turn them from a liquidy goop into what we recognize as a spreadable conserve.)

I love how this preparation uses the whole fruit. I’ve been thinking a lot about practicing “zero-waste” ... not in a trendy or dogmatic way, but in the natural progression of a life-long learner and conscious human who loves the earth way.

The bitterness of the orange peel balances the sweetness in the marmalade, and I would also say helps to activate the digestion! Is there a difference between resourcefulness, respecting the entire fruit/vegetable/animal, and what is healthiest for our bodies?

I think what I’m trying to say is that there is beauty in something that is used in a whole way. Also wisdom, and respect. The more I learn about plants, the more blurred the line becomes between human-animal-plant. All are highly intelligent, individual beings... In times when food is precious (which really is always ), using every part is not only practical, but a practice for deepening our connection to all beings, to the planet and ourselves and each other.

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