Our Name


The Lily of the Valley, the symbol I chose to represent Black Creek Botanicals, is my birth flower. I have a vivid memory of being very young and my grandmother teaching me its song. Black Creek was the gentle waterway that flowed through the land beyond our house. There was a little offshoot of this creek that we called “Savannah’s Stream.” It was a swampy little thing. A little pool would swell in the wet months after the snow melted, and work its way downhill to feed into Black Creek. I chose this name to honor my roots, to honor that land that nourished me and continues to inspire gratitude and creativity, and as a reminder and hope that my small, swampy creative well will overflow, feeding into a larger and larger collective, nourishing the land, cycling endlessly in subtle, significant ways.

My dear friend Amy of Strange Pine, a wonderful artist, designer, and intuitive-creative, was able to take all of my stories and feelings and visions and concentrate them into my beautiful logo & label designs.