Luminous Roots - herbal hair oil

Luminous Roots - herbal hair oil

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The creation of this hair oil was inspired by two things: my own need for a seriously nourishing oil for dry scalp and hair, and musings on the energetic/spiritual aspects of hair. I noticed that I tend to cut my hair short around big life transitions or events, a visible recognition of being changed. I love the cross-cultural belief that hair is connected to wisdom and intuition. That hair is a conduit for cosmic energy. 

I think about memory being stored in the hair. In some, sudden trauma causes the hair to turn white. These musings, despite some being somewhat contradictory, make me want to take good care of my hair!

Thus, Luminous Roots was born. Each of these plants was chosen carefully to bring a different element of physical and energetic properties to the oil. 

  • rosemary a classic hair herb! But why? Rosemary brings stimulation and circulation to the scalp (especially when combined with a vigorous scalp massage), which in turn helps to promote hair growth.  Rosemary for remembrance, as the saying goes. Energetically, I chose Rosemary to honor and support the memory, wisdom, and experience stored in our hair, and for the cleansing of stagnant energies
  • horsetail - an ancient plant that dates back millions of years! Horsetails were on earth with the dinosaurs, and were the size of trees! Commonly found with their feet in wet areas like rivers, ditches, and lakes. I chose this plant for its rich nutrient content to nourish the hair, and for the wisdom, perspective, and insight that is gained from existing and evolving for millennia. 
  • sea buckthorn co2 extract - used to strengthen, deeply hydrate (without feeling greasy) and protect the hair, support circulation of the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth, and increase luminosity

Each of these plants has needle-like leaves with a silvery quality to them. Silvery-leafed plants always remind me of a silver-haired, wise elder. 

suggested use
pre-conditioner: before shampooing, massage a liberal amount of oil into dry hair and scalp from roots to ends. (for extra scalp support: Work the oil into the scalp with fingers (but not nails), massaging vigorously to encourage circulation and absorption). Then wash your hair as usual (no conditioner needed!) For deeper hydration, wrap hair in an old towel and let the oil absorb for an hour, or overnight.
post-conditioner: work a few drops of oil into the ends of dry, clean hair as needed. If your hair type allows it (without looking greasy), massage a few drops of oil into the hair from roots to tips.

ingredients: local olive oil infused with wild rosemary and wild horsetail herb, organic sea buckthorn co2 extract, and local organic propolis extract