Love Your Lymph!

I believe a great part of tackling winter immunity is giving extra loving to your lymphatic system. This system helps our body get rid of waste, toxins, and transport white-blood cells (infection-fighting heroes!) throughout the body. (So, really important for building and maintaining good immunity!) Did you know that our lymph consists of a beautiful, system-wide network of vessels similar to those that carry around our blood? :

"Unlike blood circulation, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. Lymph is moved through its vessels slowly, sent along when it is squeezed by surrounding muscles--in other words, good old exercise! ...Pressure changes in the thorax during breathing also help to pump the lymph; here is another cleansing effect of deep breathing." (from Pip Waller's Holistic Anatomy, an engaging and awe-inspiring book on our miraculous bodies that I highly recommend to anyone who is intrigued!).

We often are more sedentary in the wintertime, which I believe contributes to lessened immunity and more sickness!

Some simple ways to encourage lymph movement:

  • massage (from a professional, partner/lover, or self-massage)

  • Yoga

  • dry skin brushing

  • exercise & movement

  • deep breathing

  • alternating hot + cold in the shower, bath, sauna, etc.

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